Volontaire helps companies and organizations create groundbreaking work that adds value both to their business and their customers.

We combine excellence in traditional marketing and PR with cutting edge digital innovation while delivering clear, measurable results.

Our office is in Stockholm, Sweden, but our people and clients are from all parts of the world. You are welcome to join us.

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Our work always includes people.
 Volontaire is a full-service agency, assisting our clients in the re-design of their products and services as well as the public relations, advertising and content creation required to engage people and encourage them to participate.

Our work never interrupts people.
 Volontaire delivers ideas that people voluntarily take part of because they find them useful, helpful or beautiful. All our projects outlive traditional campaigns and deliver better ROI by integrating analog and digital channels.

Our work has just begun.
 Since our inception in 2009, we have doubled in size, filled a prize cabinet and set a new global standard for action-based marketing. 

“Volontaire are incredibly innovative and a clear indication of where the communication industry is heading.”

– Maria Ziv, Marketing Director at Visit Sweden

Volontaire helps brands and people do interesting things together, be it product development, innovative services, ephemeral marketing stunts or everlasting projects that change the world.

Our solutions vary in size and character, but they are all based on our methodology. Volontaire has a unique working process with three strategic tools for the invention and implementation of action based communication which we use with our clients in our daily work, share with our industry as guest speakers across the world and teach to new generations of marketers and creatives at top schools like Berghs School of Communication and Hyper Island.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch to hear our popular 22-minute-presentation.

The Possible Triangle™
Purpose, Action and Volunteers. These three elements are the foundation of Volontaire’s methodology. Together, they constitute a superior strategic tool for relevant, innovative and long-term brand platforms that increase the customer base, the share of voice and the bottom line.

To define a brand’s true essence, we go beyond taglines and fluffy core values until we find its larger purpose: something useful that the company or organization contributes to its customers everyday lives and society at large.

Words are empty without actions that back them up. That’s why every purpose has to be proven with real-life activities that use the company’s products or services to make a difference and adds value both to their business and their customers.

Great ideas spread. Instead of being forced upon traditional target groups, our work reaches people voluntarily by engaging, entertaining or empowering them. Every Volontaire project harnesses existing commitment and therefore offers a high engagement rate.

The Cultural Calendar™
In a time when media consumption is becoming increasingly digital, the news cycle spins ever faster and the influence of social media grows more powerful, brands need to be fast, agile and relevant. Instead of interrupting people in the middle of something, we try to be a part of that which they are actually interested in. The Cultural Calendar™ enables this. By understanding cultural and social behavior, we use existing energies to engage people in our projects.

The Cultural Calendar™ works as a complement to the traditional marketing plan to maximize effect and earned media. It is a vital strategic tool for our clients when planning activities and includes both existing happenings, emerging trends as well as non-scheduled, possible events. For three examples of practical implementation with documented results, we recommend our worldwide race Xperiathon for Sony, our global campaign Björn ♥ John for Björn Borg and our product development Vitamin Water for Brämhults.

Real Time Direction™
Our job doesn’t end when the work goes live; that’s when it begins. Our third tool Real Time Direction™ consists of monitoring, measuring, learning and adapting throughout the entire campaign period. This gives our clients better control of the projects and a higher ROI than traditional marketing activities. The large amount of data gathered in every project is subsequently structured, analyzed and put to use when planning and designing future activities.